Question of the Day

November 29

November 29 – what are the main obstacles to a more sustainable forest policy?

November 27

November 27 – What are the 2 things you most wanted to learn about from this course that were missing?

November 8

November 8 – how would you apply Weimer and Vining’s conditions for implementation success to the Price et al reading on EBM?

November 1

November 1 – When the BC government introduced FRPA, why did they stop using the term “The Code”?

October 30

October 30 – Why is it so hard for government to make big policy changes, like reforming tenure, or reducing waiting times for medical procedures?

October 25

October 25 – What is the policy problem in the midterm timber supply case?

October 23

October 23 – how did the mid-term timber supply get on the BC government’s agenda?

October 16

October 16 – How did US trade pressures contribute to the market-oriented changes in the Forest Revitalization Plan?

October 9

What evidence is there that forest certification by non-governmental entities has improved forest management in BC or elsewhere?

October 2

October 2 Which group has more power over forest policy in British Columbia: environmentalists or the forest industry?